Bump Video Poster
Bump is a geo-based social media network.
Designed to bring your surroundings right into your hands.

Be Here

What is going on:
Know what is happening from people who are there.

Be There

See who and what is around you or a world away—in real time.

Be Anywhere

Experience every point of view.

Sell, buy, share, interact, start new friendships.

Integrate our tech into your app.
Bump technology platform allows retailers to set a geo location radius around each store location. Retailers can set the radius large to capture customers before they enter the store or small when they are in the store. This revolutionary platform will allow retailers to engage with their customers with special promotions either in store or nearby.

Location Based API

This platform will allow retailers instant communication with their customers and will allow a whole new way to market, communicate and capture a customer’s experience. This can all be integrated into your existing app.

Posting Content

Enable your customers to connect and share their experiences with your company.


Add messaging and photos to your
platform to grow engagement
and community.